System Z14 – Precision profile with increased key cross section

The patented system Z14 is characterized by its internal key stopper which protects against picking attempts. The solid key of Z14 provides an elevated locking comfort.


The internal key stopper in system Z14 as well as the multiple paracentric keyway provide a high protection in master key systems so that an unauthorized key cannot open the cylinder. The patent protection guarantees a legal protection against unauthorized key copies.

Z14 is available in two security levels – Z14 and XZ14, both can be combined within one master key system. Master key systems in Z14 can be extended by XZ14 and therefore a future-proof investment is guaranteed.

In addition the master key system can also be combined with electronic cylinders of ABUS Seccor. With the help of the new Combi Cap already existing Z14 master key systems can be extended by electronic components. The system Z14 can be used for small and even very large master key systems.


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